The Hillbark Players

I will be attending my very first theatre preview this Sunday. The Hillbark Players have kindly invited me to attend the preview of the Merchant of Venice. Here’s a bit of background. I’ll write about the experience on  Monday.
The Merchant of Venice flyer

The Hillbark Players was formed in 1964 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth.  The intention of the founders was to perform Shakespeare in the open-air, but for the audience all to be under cover – only the actors would brave the elements.  To do this they created a theatre in the grounds of Hillbark House, Frankby, Wirral.   They would use theatre-style lighting, authentic costumes and present traditional Shakespeare, using the best amateur talent around – both in acting, technical, costume etc.  The first play was ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ and we now present our production biennially – 2013 will be our 24th production and
we have chosen to present ‘The Merchant of Venice’ from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th June – evenings at 8pm and Saturday matinée at 2.30pm.

Hillbark House has now become the prestigious Hillbark Hotel and Spa and we perform just outside the grounds of the Hotel in the adjoining  Royden Park. We keep faith with the vision of the founders and still build a theatre with all seats under cover.

This year, the production is costing £41, 000 to stage and we are entirely self-funding.  We get no sponsorship of any sort (despite our best efforts). Tickets are priced £10-£20 and are only available via the Floral Pavilion New Brighton – on-line, in person or by phone 0151-666-0000.


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