#ChesterCulture – Forgotten Heroes Beer Fest at Kash

Hello beer culture vultures and real ale explorers!

Beer is culture
Beer is culture
















The Kash Tap Rooms is putting on another beer based extravaganza this Bank Holiday weekend, kicking off 12pm Friday. The theme is ‘Forgotten Heroes’ and will feature those breweries that had their time in the sun only to be usurped by the next newer, shinier, hipper brewery. Expect the usual fireworks and cashmere moments, with thirty plus beers and awesome food.

Here are a few of the beers that have been secured so far.











You can find the growing list here.

Entry is free, and Kash will have the usual sinful burgers, dirty hot dogs and fries to die for.


The Chester Beer Awards -2016

Another amazing community event took place on January 30th at Kash Tap Rooms. Organised and inspired by the creators of The Chester Beer Blog Kat and Tom Knox. The nominees were all chosen by the public via social media and the awards were presented at this ceremony. The event, opened by The Lord Mayor, was filled with representatives from Chester’s local pubs and eateries as well as local patrons and beer lovers. The awards were presented in a fun, casual and imaginative format including loads of laughter and good cheer. The welcoming feeling was encouraged by the hosts and the incredible and hardworking Kash Team as well.
The Chester Beer Blog is another example of community spirit and involvemnet. Local Cestrians who donate so much of their free time to bring the people of this city together and create unity. We salute and congratulate all nominees – winners- and the tireless organisers and volunteers. Pat yourselves on the back — or better yet– grab a pint and say Cheers to all of you!!
The categories and winners:
Best beer shop :Chester Beer and Wine
Best local brewery is: Deva Craft Beer
Best local beer: the legendary Spank
( Blueball Brewery Kash )
Best pub grub:
Bear and billet
Best Bartender : Aki ( Cellar Bar)
Best newcomer:
Common Hall Social
And finally the grand finale –
Best Pub:
Cellar Bar

A special catagory entitled : “outstanding achievement in contribution to the local beer culture and related shenanigans”
was awarded to The Kash Tap Rooms
Photos of The Chester Beer Awards 2016



Burger Off!!!!

Ok, so first of all an apology, this is a review of the great burger off that happened back on the 3rd. Does anyone remember that long ago? Well let me jog your memory!

Organised by the lovely folk at Kash this was to be the greatest battle of ground meat that Chester had ever seen, titans of beef from our cities eminent cow peddlers would go head to head in a competition to see who had the best burger in town. Out of bloody good sportsmanship Kash themselves didn’t enter the competition, I’m guessing this was to avoid any accusations of foul play.

The competition was split into 2, one kind of basic burger competition where the competitors had to use the same ingredients, kind of a skill test and the second segment was a freestyle event. This was for the show offs.

The first crown, king of burgers was taken by Joseph Benjamin. I can’t give much comment on this round as the tasting was carried out by a select group of judges but luckily I managed to bag a seat on the judging panel for round 2. We had smoke filled cloches from Chef’s Table, A Christmas dinner burger from Gin Rickeys and my personal favourite the tofu & kimchi offering from the hollows (the other judges were NOT in agreement with me here, they demanded MEAT!!!), all this plus a smogasboard of chillis, meats, patties and breads arranged in the most imaginative ways from the lodge, mockingbird tap room, The Oaklands, Joseph Benjamin, Moules a-Go-Go & The Piper.

Ultimately the Xmas dinner took the crown. I’d never heard the words Brussels Sprout Coleslaw before that day but now I have I feel better for it.

I hope this is to become a bit of a tradition, we can’t let the winners get complacent. Just a note to the organisers though, next year can you not run it on the same day as pride? Besides that, fun for all the family!!!