#chesterculture – Daniel Champagne: Live at Telford’s Warehouse – Thursday 21st April 2016

The story goes that the young Australian singer, songwriter and one-of-a-kind guitar virtuoso Daniel Champagne first picked up his instrument of choice as a five-year-old following in the footsteps of a musical father. He began writing songs at 12, training classically throughout his teens and performing solo wherever he could, honing his craft and developing what would become the dynamite live show that he is renowned for today. At 18 he left school, turned professional and hit the road.

Now regarded as a leading light in acoustic music, with a firm reputation for making festivals buzz, holding crowds in his palm, dropping jaws and breaking guitars wherever he goes. Daniel Champagne has recently signed to US booking agency Fleming Artists and relocated to North America where he continues his exciting career as an international touring and recording artist.

Tonight Daniel Champagne comes to Telford’s Warehouse for one night only.

Daniel Champagne supported by Alc Green

Telford’s Warehouse

21st April 2016

Free entry

#chesterculture – By The Sea – Telford’s Warehouse – 15th April 2016

By The Sea make music that can’t contain itself, that is so bursting with joy it sounds like it is tripping over itself in its desire to get out of the speakers.

Think of The Stone Roses, The Go-Betweens, The Cure and Super Furry Animals jamming somewhere on the west coast in the states whilst borrowing equipment from Beach House and you’d still be nowhere close!
Their bassist Danny once told NME that they hoped they sound like “a series of failed Springsteen anthems played with too chorus pedals.”. You decide for yourself.

By The Sea
Telfords Warehouse
Friday 14th April 2016
Free before 9pm
£4 thereafter

#chesterculture – The Undercover Hippy – Telford’s Warehouse – 16th April 2016

My friend, Ged – that helps out at Soul Kitchen with me, has been excitedly talking about The Undercover Hippy for about a year or so. He loves them so much that he’s got them crashing at his after the gig tonight.

It’s not very hard to understand why he loves them so. Billy Rowan, aka The Undercover Hippy, is definitely not your average singer songwriter.

His music brings together acoustic guitar, soulful vocals, infectious reggae rhythms, and the lyrical delivery of a skilled mc. Think Frank Turner, The King Blues or Grace Petrie summoning the spirit of The Clash and going on a reggae tip or Jason Mraz meeting The Cat Empire, on a protest march, at the Edinburgh Fringe..

After seven years spent DJ’ing and MC’ing on the Drum & Bass circuit, Billy swapped the decks for a guitar and started out as a solo act in 2007. He still occasionally does solo gigs but usually plays with a five piece band, mixing guitars, keys, drums, bass, percussion and backing vocals to create a high energy, interactive and highly entertaining live show.

Combining intelligent, provocative lyrics with dangerously catchy hooks and a feel good groove, this is music for the thinking person to shake their butt to.


The Undercover Hippy
Telford’s Warehouse
Saturday 16th April 2016 
Free before 9pm, £4 thereafter

#chesterculture – Preview: Heal The Last Stand at Telford’s Warehouse – 9th April 2016

Heal The Last Stand are a blood-harmony band, influenced by 60/70’s west coast Folk/Americana but hailing from the distant land of Wrexham. 
These counter culture aficionados echo the deep sentiments of the Summer of Love, with an ocean of harmony like Crosby, Stills & Nash meets First Aid Kit.

Here’s a little rough version of a new song called Water The Answer.

Heal The Last Stand
Telford’s Warehouse
Saturday 9th April 2016
Free before 9pm, £4 thereafter

#chesterculture – The Unicorn Club

Embrace your inner child with the Happiness Ninja!

Our child-like capacity for innocence, wonder, awe, joy, sensitivity and playfulness has the key to more of our happiness than most of us realise!

Did you know the things you did as a child most reflect your true self?

Did you paint? Did you dance? Did you have an epic imagination? Did you love to build things? Play shop? Boss people about? Like to help others? Be a superhero?

834068Somewhere along the way we learn to forget all of these things that came so naturally to us. We’re told to stop being silly and childish. We’re encouraged to grow up, be like mummy and daddy and fit in with everyone else.

Yet once we grow up, many of us wonder what our purpose in life is.
It isn’t to work and pay bills. Everyone knows that!

On a more scary note: denying, stifling or even bludgeoning our child-like qualities to death can actually have quite a serious effect on our mental well being.
Yes that’s right – hello depression, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, anger and all those other things we don’t like to talk about.
All those things come from not embracing that little person inside us all.

So, who were you before you became who you thought you should be? Let’s find out!

The Unicorn Club invite you to leave your grown-up problems at the door and indulge in some play time with the Happiness Ninja!

Pop on a uni-horn, play a game, do some colouring in, raid the fancy dress box and take a silly photo – it’s time to embrace your inner child!

(Plus it’s an excuse to act like a proper knob for a couple of hours!)

The Unicorn Club
Telford’s Warehouse
8pm – 9pm(ish)
£1-£15 depending how much you can afford, as the I Dare You Project behind The Unicorn Club are clearly awesome.

#ChesterCulture – Preview: Tankus The Henge at Telfords

Tonight sees the fantastic Tankus the Henge bring their unique steampunk/steamcrunk strangeness to Telford’s Warehouse.

A 6 piece powerhouse of a band drawing visual and musical influences from old time Fairgrounds to modern day Circus; The Beatles to Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello to Radiohead, they embody a look and a sound that lies somewhere between their South East London home and the carnival town of New Orleans.

We love them. One not to be missed!

Tankus the Henge
Telfords Warehouse
Free before 9pm, £4 thereafter.

Chemistry Lane – Saturday NOV 14th Telford’s Warehouse

Bridging the gap between the intensity and momentum of a rock band, and the clinical electro loops of dance floor hypnosis, Chemistry Lane surf waves of paranoia that redirect your gaze toward the illusion, like sleight of hand in reverse.

image009 (1)

Chemistry Lane This Saturday at Telford’s Warehouse

Influences range far and wide from shoe gaze and orchestral post-rock bands like Slowdive, Spiritualized and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, to new wave groups such and Talking Heads and Echo and the Bunnymen.  Recent appreciation for bands such as Deerhunter and The Phantom Band have allowed the group to unlock a new direction.

written by Mike at Telford’s Warehouse

Chemistry Lane combine the dreaminess of experimental indie with a layered instrumental depth of sound that results in powerful, almost hypnotic melodies and warm spine tingling atmospheres.

“Melody twists through a perfect storm of oceansize guitars, dark grooves and brooding beats.”

The Draw Inn – Interactive Art / Music / Social @Telford’s Warehouse

Thursday 15th October 2015

The Draw Inn

Interactive Art / Music / Social

Free Entry

The Draw Inn – Interactive Art / Music / Social

In October Telford’s Warehouse is launching a brand new pop up interactive art and social night to Chester.

Drawing (no pun intended) on ideas based on events across the country such as Street Wars and Doodle-planet, ‘The Draw Inn ’ combines sketching, graffiti, painting and imagery with musical backdrops and social interaction.

Whether you are an experience penman, budding artist or want to try your hand at drawing then head on down to this special event on the 15th October and let your creativity run free. Art materials will be available on the night to hire but please feel free to bring along your own mediums. Art boards & paper will already be laid out upon arrival so you can get stuck right in. Doors open at 8pm with guest DJ’s playing a selection of the finest tracks spanning everything from Tom Waits to Dire Straits.

Before time is called artists will be encouraged to swap, sell, give away, or just show off their masterpieces. Barter with whatever you can, buy them a pint, sign a t-shirt or use good old fashioned cash, so long as both parties agree you could be walking away with your very own original artworks. The night will also be accompanied with an ‘The Draw Inn’ stall where you can buy a selection of postcards, greetings cards and signed prints by participating artists.

So be participant or spectator, art lover or critic don’t miss out on this creative social. You can find out more details on Telford’s website, www.telfordswarehouse.com or simply search or The Draw Inn on Facebook.

submitted by Mike Devoy Telford’s warehouse

Austin Wilde: Chester’s renaissance man

This post originally appeared on Schotts List, but I thought it deserved a run-out on here too. Enjoy

I have a white dog and a beard.

That’s the message I received moments before I met Austin Wilde. For some reason, I just knew I was going to like him.

Austin Wilde moved to Chester to write a novel about London. Chester also had the advantage of being closer to his family after the loss of his father, itself the catalyst for his writing. It was his way of coping with grief, understanding mortality. This cathartic exercise gave birth to a book, entitled My Dad’s Deader Than Your Dad: a fanzine for death, written for the individual generation that fetishizes the new over the now. The accompanying blog secured him a London agent and interest from Faber & Faber. But the book never came out.  Most importantly, perhaps, this experience encouraged Austin to invest some serious time in his writing – and he moved north, embarked on an MA (Creative Writing), then decided to go the whole nine yards and study for PhD – Rioting in Literature – at John Moore.

Every cloud, even the darkest, has a silver lining….

During this stretch, Austin found time to knock out two collections of shorts and poetry. The first, The Business of Families, focuses on flesh and blood, naturally, and its twisted rules and logic. A Large Can of Whoopass, out in February 2014, is about life’s changes and life changers. He even designed the book cover for this one, a reworking of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. Not a laurel-rester by trade, Austin is writing a trilogy of novels about the big smoke, the dirty city some call *London*. Partly for his PhD and partly because he has unfinished business there – he emigrated from there to here – in my humble opinion.

Death made me focus on a new creativity…

Austin’s words, not mine. I think this could also apply to his time in the music business. In a previous job, life, existence, Austin was the Creative Director of EMI Music Publishing. He signed Beirut, Joanna Newsom, Lindstrom and Duffy. That’s a proper job, that. Music was his life for seventeen years, on the lookout for the next this or the new that. He was there during Guy the Gorilla Hands ill-fated take-over, so he is a survivor too. By the end the magic had gone, music became work. But, over the hill came a white charger leaden with a handsome pay-off replete with lengthy gardening leave. Free, Austin had the means and the time to write. And, he had a teenage-like love for music, once more, that fervent desire to focus on new creativity. Everyone’s a winner.

Good, strong music…

Austin’s rediscovered love for music has a cheeky new outlet. He runs Repent at Telfords Warehouse  each Thursday: six spanking hours of good, strong music from around the world. ‘It’s different things at different times during the night.

‘There are links between the records but no-one notices’ he says with a laugh. As Austin explained the concept, he casually mentioned how he helped establish Renaissance – the original UK super club – in Ibiza. He did everything from playing records to paying people to hand out flyers. Forty-eight hour shifts were not just common, but essential. Not as glamorous as it first sounded, but still another considerable string to Austin’s rather magnificent bow. Music is in his blood it seems.

A whole hour whizzed by. Throw in a few anecdotes about the Judas Goat and why Brooklyn cops call hipsters marshmallows – they are soft and white – and you have the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time.

Make sure you check out the estimable Mr Wilde’s books and his music nights

Sell a child, swap a wife, rob a bank, just make sure you bloody do.