Chester Beer & Co – North West Beer Tasting at Chester Beer and Wine, Hoole – Thursday 30th June 2016 – #chesterculture

Thursday 30th June sees the return of Chester Beer & Co‘s  ever popular beer tasting events.

img_0850This beer tasting will feature the best beers from the North West UK paired with some glorious, traditional grub crafted by Chester Beer and Co’s resident head chef, Tom Knox.

Hosted at the award winning Chester Beer & Wine shop in Hoole, you can also enjoy a 10% discount on any extra beers purchased on the night.

But remember, places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

Chester Beer & Co presents North West Beer Tasting
Thursday 30th June 2016 – 7pm
Chester Beer and Wine, Hoole
Tickets £18 – click here to book


#ChesterCulture – Forgotten Heroes Beer Fest at Kash

Hello beer culture vultures and real ale explorers!

Beer is culture
Beer is culture
















The Kash Tap Rooms is putting on another beer based extravaganza this Bank Holiday weekend, kicking off 12pm Friday. The theme is ‘Forgotten Heroes’ and will feature those breweries that had their time in the sun only to be usurped by the next newer, shinier, hipper brewery. Expect the usual fireworks and cashmere moments, with thirty plus beers and awesome food.

Here are a few of the beers that have been secured so far.











You can find the growing list here.

Entry is free, and Kash will have the usual sinful burgers, dirty hot dogs and fries to die for.


Chester Beer Awards— January 30th

Arguably the best thing that’s happened to Chester since the Romans popped over and pitched up a little fence, are the Chester Beer Awards, held in the end of January for the first time. The almost “sold out” free event is taking place at Kash Taprooms on Brook Street on Saturday 30th.


Designed to celebrate the local unsung heroes of all things ale, the awards are a true People’s Choice event – all contestants who hope to grab bragging rights for the year have been nominated by the beer drinking people of Chester, and judged by an impartial expert panel formed of local beer bloggers, beer club hosts and beer festival organisers.


The nominations opened at the end of November last year, asking the locals to nominate their favourites in seven categories to the constant chant of “if it ain’t in, it can’t win”, meaning that only pubs and breweries who had been nominated stood a chance of securing the coveted top spot. By the time voting closed at midday on New Year’s Eve, around a 100 people had taken to the ballots and demanded attention to their favourite watering holes and pub meals.


The much anticipated nominations for all the seven categories were released on Thursday 7th January on the Facebook and twitter profiles of the masterminds behind the awards, the Chester Beer Blog.


“It’s fantastic to see all the positive energy these awards are bringing to the local community,” said Katja Knox, from Chester Beer Blog. “When we envisaged an award event to really recognize and celebrate the amazing pubs, beer shops and breweries of Chester we really didn’t think it would become this enormous event. It just speaks volumes that the beer scene is Chester has been left wanting for the proverbial pat on the back for a job well done.”


“We wanted to bring recognition and appreciation to not only the numerous great pubs and bars of Chester, but also those who work there and make our visits so special. We also wanted to celebrate the great local breweries and the fantastic beers they produce. All in all, the awards are a way for the locals to really shout about their favourites and the establishments to get to meet the people who love them and also keep in in business!”


The Chester Beer Awards are a completely independent and unaffiliated entity, coinciding with the third birthday of the organisers Chester Beer Blog. At present, almost 100 local beer drinkers, bar tenders, landlords and brewers are set to attend the event.


please see :

Chester Beer Awards nominees masterlist:


Chester Beer Blog:


Chester Beer Awards FREE tickets:

Ladies Love Beer- upcoming event

Calling all ladies!

The 3rd  Ladies Love Beer event is coming up soon!

November 12th at Chester Beer & Wine, Hoole.

Join other ladies in a fun filled and informative evening discussing and drinking beer. Always an evening to be remembered! Come along and meet other beer enthusiasts and try something new.

Ticket event: book in advance as only limited places are available.ladielovebeer

See this lovely review from a recent event:The Polway:

Open Day for ALL – @The new DEVA CRAFT BEER BREWERY – What a great day!

A FANTASTIC Day at THE DEVA CRAFT BREWERY was had by one and all.
The Deva Craft team were spectacular hosts– serving up plenty of their fresh brews including Equinox, Gladius and Nemesis. The tour of the brewery was informative and included tastes of the hops and grains used in these delicious local ales. 
Chester is excited about this new local brewery!
some photos:
IMG_7230 IMG_7232 IMG_7235 IMG_7237 IMG_7245
Father/ son team Adrian and Nick Gilbody have realized a life long dream and opened their own brewery.
 Deva Craft Beer.
The family , originally from Frodsham and now living  in Chester, have taken on the project wholeheartedly.  The pair researched for a long time before finally deciding on the Deeside location.
Their craft beers including Nemesis , Equinox and Gladius are already being offered in pubs around Chester.
These include: The Bear and Billet, Kash Bar, The Pied Bull, The Cellar Bar, The Cross Keys…just to name a few.
Nigel Griffiths a Chester beer enthusiast says…” We have really enjoyed the Deva Craft beers so far! Keep them coming boys. We are excited to see what is next.”
The Deva Craft Brewey will host an open day OPEN TO ALL this Saturday from 12-6pm at their Brewey. Location:  Unit 14, Engineers Park, Babbage Rd, Sandycroft, Deeside, CH5 2QD
For all those who prefer not to drive the #12 bus from Chester will take you there in no time.
There will be sausages on the grill to accompany the delicious beers…all from Pen y Lan pork. #local
Come on over and support this local team.
Enjoy a few choice beers, meet fellow beer lovers and local supporters.
Chester Culture and team would like to wish Deva Craft Beers the best of luck
see also their Facebook Page and follow them on twitter @DevaCraftBeer

A review of sorts: Rosé de Gambrinus

A blog from a previous lifetime, when I ran a beer group in Chester. It’s about opening your mind and trying new things, rather like this blog. And, beer is culture, especially when it’s Belgian, pink and served champagne flutes – available from time to time from Chester Beer & Wine.

I have a confession to make. I don’t actually know a great deal about beer from a reviewing perspective. Instead of waffling on about flowery notes, bitterness, finishes, carbonisation and the like, I will concentrate what I like about the beer and, if possible, add a florid tale about the beer in the question and so on. I thought that I might add a couple of new criteria here to help capture the true essence of each beer for my reader – BTW, I love you dear solitary reader. After much consideration, I settled on ‘if this beer were a song’, ‘if this beer were a person’ and ‘in one word’. Let’s see how we get on.

The beer under the spotlight today is…Rosé de Gambrinus from the legendary Cantillon brewery.

Rosé de Gambrinus from the legendary Cantillon brewery

I thought the fruit bowl might enhance this shot. I was wrong.

In one word – Siren

If this beer were a song – La Ritouenelle by Sebastien Tellier because if you’d told me years ago I’d like this I would have laughed, rather like the beer in question.

If this beer were a person – why, the shambling love God himself, Mr Tellier. Not everyone’s glass of beer but adored by his small but fervent fan-base. A bit like Haribo Sour mix.

What I like about this beer – This beer is very much like a marriage: it starts off all fruity but it eventually leaves you with a slightly sour taste in your mouth. Or so I’m told by other less fortunate souls.

I love its fizz and pinkish-red colouring, the elegant foam, and that the burst of fruit eventually gives way to a lovely sour taste. It’s a classic. I cannot believe that I am actually drinking this type of beer – a Lambic – given I once thought Stella was the only drink in town.

A florid tale…

As I took my first sips of this beer I looked out the window and started to daydream…

I’ll never forget the day she walked into my office. Her face didn’t just light up the room; it could have powered the building. People like me didn’t get to meet people like her.

“Tabbernacle PI, I presume?”

I wanted to say something cool like ‘that’s the name on the door, sweet pants’; instead I just nodded and gestured toward the chair beside my desk. “Miss Rosé de Gambrinus” she said as gracefully lowered herself onto the chair and then crossed her legs. They were as long as they were lovely.

“Someone very dear to me has gone missing and I want you to find him” she whispered as she carefully removed a cigarette from her clutch bag.

“Light?” I said as I frantically began to search my desk.  All I could find was a novelty Foster beer can lighter. Classy.

“Please”, she replied as she slowly brought her hand to meet mine as I reached across the table. She fixed her gaze upon me while she gently steadied my hand. The sunlight from the nearby window danced across her hair giving it an almost pinkish hue. She smoothed her hair behind her ear and then lit her cigarette. I let out an involuntary whimper. Redheads do that to me. She didn’t seem to notice, though.

“Please do continue.” I suggested as I slumped down into my chair praying that my composure wasn’t about to go AWOL.

“My dear Mr Pepe Lou vanished just over three days ago now. I knew something was wrong when he missed his supper. It was his favourite: perch cooked in Cantillon Gueuze. Oh Mr Tabbernacle, whatever shall I do?” she sighed.

“Let’s start with the facts: when did you last see Mr….. P-P-P” I stuttered as I watched Ms De Gambrinus rise from her chair, softly sashay around my table and gently park herself on my knee. I say park, there was a fair bit of jockeying back and forth before she straightened up, as it were, her bumper flush against my kerb. Among other things, I could feel my temperature rising. She put her finger on my lips and whispered ‘Pepe Lou’ in my ear and stroked my hair. I pictured Margaret Thatcher in my mind’s eye; naked, and in need of an iron. It was my only hope.

“I’ll do anything to get him back.”




………“Andy, Gardener’s World has started” bellowed my wife from the front room, and I was back in the real world and ready for my next sip. What a beer :-) .

I’ll get back to Chester, and its art and culture, tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed my flight of fancy as much as I did writing it.