#ChesterCulture – Storyhouse : the new name for Chester Cultural Centre and the rebranding of Chester Performs

Chester’s new £37m cultural centre, due to open at the end of this year, has a new name, and that name is

Operator Chester Performs has also announced it plans to change the name of the company to reflect the building’s new identity, bringing the work of the much respected theatre and arts producer, the city’s new theatre, its central library and a new cinema, under one name.

The company’s Chief Executive, Andrew Bentley, is quick to point out the essential simplicity of the new name. “We’re over the moon at our new identity. It’s a straightforward expression of the journey we have been on as a company, and where, together, we are going in this amazing new building. In time the name will of course become synonymous with our work, and we will be selling tickets under the Storyhouse brand from 17th March”

Artistic Director, Alex Clifton, is even more effusive about the unifying concept underlining the name. “We will be running a building like no other. It needs a unique name to reflect its unique offer. This is a place to discover, make and share great stories. It’s a place to bring inspiring ideas to life. Storyhouse brilliantly captures and communicates the creative spirit of our integrated library, theatre and cinema”

Storyhouse, which is the country’s largest regional arts project under construction, will be the first major arts project to combine the management of a major theatre and library under one organisation.

The integration of library services with arts organisations is a key strategic priority for Arts Council England.
The new building incorporates a theatre which switches twice a year between an 800 seat proscenium space and 500 seat thrust “festival” stage, along with a 150 seat studio.

Storyhouse will stage home produced productions for 50% of the year, with the theatre presenting the best of the country’s touring companies during the principal touring season.

The company will run the building, according to Alex Clifton “as much as a visitor experience as a performing arts venue. Our public spaces form the backbone of the project and will change every day. They are the heart of our building and will be the busiest, most creative area of our work. We are on a mission to democratise culture, making open spaces which communities will programme and manage themselves. Theirs are the stories we want to tell”

To find out more visit http://www.storyhouse.co


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