Writing good feedback …


(and a few words on copyright)

So, writers, what makes good feedback?

We all know it when we get it and with a bit of prep you can really work to add to another writer’s resources; each perspective is always worthwhile.  Maybe try and stick to the rule of one good thing for every less good thing. Unless something’s perfect, in which case send virtual flowers? Remember that you’re sharing someone’s journey; we’re all here to learn and we’ve all come here through different routes.

Feedback on content posted here

  1. Keep it relevant.
  2. Please don’t post your messages in capital letters, unless you want people to think YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THEM.
  3. We’re guessing you’re all social media savvy – but remember kids – stay safe online.
  4. Always read your post to yourself before posting it.
  5. We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks on contributors will not be tolerated.  We will consider removing any content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening.
  6. We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libelous or defamatory postings, or material posted in potential breach of copyright. Or spam.
  7. The website editor-in-chief’s decisions are final.

Our role

By posting on the Chester Culture website you’re confirming that you are the owner of rights to the work shared and you’re giving us permission to display it on this site only during the lifetime of the site. We may post social media links to this area of the website to promote the community here and the service.

The views posted in community areas of this site do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of Chester Culture.

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