Who We Are

…and what we are about.

All too often we still hear cries of
“we didn’t know it was happening until after the event”,
“nothing ever happens in Chester”,
“Chester has no culture”,
“nobody supports local artists/musicians/creatives/insert other here”.

We want to change that.

We will do this by:

  • promoting and supporting arts and culture in Chester
  • using positive language when we talk about this and encourage others to do the same
  • doing our bit to support the theatre and cinema development

Artists, musicians, poets, authors, writers, actors, dancers, creatives of any type – we want to hear from you.

Tell us who you are. Share with us your creative process. Help inspire others.
Let us know what you’re doing.
Show us your creations – whatever they may be.

Send us your words, photos, videos, Vines, audio recordings, sketches, anything as long it relates to Chester and touches on arts and culture.

We want to be friends and build a creative community here in Chester.
We want to support and encourage creativity by all.

Keep us updated with any events, shows, clubs or societies that you’re involved with in Chester so we can help others find it too.

The blog is very much a community thing. We want you to get involved in what we are doing.

We encourage rampant self-promotion from our arts and culture brethren and honest and moving reviews, views and vignettes from the audience.

We need your help with events, too.
Tell us about any event that catches your eye or tickles your fancy.
If you are interested in hosting an event or you want to be part of one, then consider using this blog for that too. We have always wanted to be a matchmaker, so we will do what we can to help here.

You can also follow us on twitter @chesterculture and Facebook.
Alternatively,  you can reach us the ‘old-fashioned’ way by emailing chesterculture@gmail.com

You are                                                    cc

Est. February 2013.

2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hello, Iam interested in creativity and want to be part of this culture, I have an ideaI would like to discuss with the group. How can I do this ?


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