Moonlight Flicks – Dirty Dancing (12) #chesterculture

12 | Dir: Emile Ardolino | 1987 | 96 mins | USA |
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey

Do you really need telling what this film is?!?

The enduring 1980s’ classic makes perfect big screen summer viewing. Set in the 1960s, rich girl Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey), falls in love with wrong-side-of-the-tracks dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), whilst holidaying with her parents.

Love/lust, a botched back alley abortion and dancing to a classic 60s soundtrack plus the immortal lines ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ and ‘I carried a watermelon’. This film has it all.

Roman Gardens, Chester
Friday 8th July – 20.45 – SOLD OUT, Thursday 14h July – 20.45 – SOLD OUT, Tuesday 19th July – 20.30, Friday 19th August – 19.45, Saturday 27th August – 19.30
Castle Park, Frodsham
Thursday 28th July – 20.30
Ashton Park, West Kirby
Friday 12th August – 19.30
The Measure: cinema ticket


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