Jamie introduces new Johns to Alexander’s #chesterculture

Just over six months ago Alexander’s Live was sold to Jamie Northrop. Jamie has been working hard at the venue since then ensuring a complete and full line up of events with something ‘Live’ each day of the week. Jamie also closed the venue for the refurbishment of the main floor in January this year and installed a new bar with quirky lighting made from up-cycled bottled and pipes. Jamie boasts that the lighting was all made by his father. He says; “I have always had an image of what a venue should look like in my head but when we came to sourcing the products we couldn’t find what we wanted… that’s when I turned to Dad (Michael Northrop) and together we got the image out of my head and into a reality.” 

The toilets at Alexander’s Live sadly didn’t get more than a lick of paint back in January as Jamie explains; “We just simply ran out of time.”
Anyone who had been to the venue before Jamie took over would know that the toilets were infamous in Chester for their cracked tiles, bad smells and worn out floors (to say the least).

Well now the toilets have undergone a full refurbishment with new toilets, sinks, cubicles, tiles, modern mirrors and all the accessories to go with it. The gents even have waterless urinals now and the toilets are decorated quite minimally but still with an edgy music and performance twist with the display of different vinyl records and artwork.

Jamie explains; “It was extremely important for us to get the toilets refurbished as a venue is very often judged on its cleanliness, etc, by the state of its loo’s… I know I do that all the time! I am really happy with how the refurbishment has gone and it’s so nice to have things starting to all come together. I only wish we could’ve somehow extended the space to make the toilets less cramped but obviously with the toilets being on the first floor we are limited to the space that we have. Overall though I hope we have done enough to win back all the customers that I have heard exclaim; ‘We’ll return when the loo’s are done…’ ”

Jamie has clearly taken time to consider the venue and its requirements and is working through what must’ve been an extensive list of jobs. His final touch to the new loo’s at Alexander’s are the new doors which he has had painted by good friend and artist, Glen Cross. The doors feature the faces of what Jamie considers two of the most iconic people in music industry history, Jim Morrissey and Madonna. There is a story behind these choices but Jamie says that is just something that customers will have to come and ask him about themselves!

The full line up of upcoming events can be found on www.alexanderslive.com and tickets can be purchased in house, online or by calling the venue on 01244 401402.



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