Park Sounds – Saturday 18th June 2016 – To include memorial to Orlando Victims #chesterculture

This Saturday, Chester Pride will be hosting ‘Park Sounds’ a free evening of live music which will take place in Grosvenor Park (by the activity hut) starting at 7pm.

Park Sounds will include a remembrance to the victims of the Orlando shootings including a reading, a minutes silence, and the opportunity to paint a pebble with inspirational words, a message, or a picture and place it under a tribute tree.  

Chair of Chester Pride Helen Pickin-Jones said ‘What happened in Orlando is truly horrifying; I have no words to begin to express how heartbreaking it is. But this week in Chester, we have seen people showing their solidarity, love and support for the LGBT community in a number of ways- this is inspiring and uplifting to see.’

Park Sounds will include a Tai Chi experience at 7:15pm from Kam Lau School of Tai Chi Chuan, words of remembrance at 8pm, a performance from quirky singer/song writer Jess Ball at 8:30pm followed by acclaimed blood-harmony 60s/70s folk rock inspired band Heal the Last Stand at 9:15pm.


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