#chesterculture – Updated: Girls To The Front Promotions present GRRRLS WITH GUITARS Party – Upstairs at The Lock Keeper – Friday 10th June 2016

UPDATE: Due to public demand, you will now be able to pay on the door!

Girls To The Front Promotions is a brand new live music promotions company to come out of Chester this year. The aim is to promote female-dominated underground punk music in an industry that promotes male-dominated music.

“Girls To The Front” is something the first Riot Grrrls (feminist punks from early nineties USA) used to cry out at their gigs so that the guys didn’t take up the space in front of the stage with a violent mosh pit, excluding the women.

I like the name because I aim to promote women and give as many women as possible a platform to showcase their music.

I also want to expand Chester’s live music scene by injecting the open mics and bigger touring bands scene with something a bit more underground, fresh and exciting.

So this June, Girls To The Front Promotions present their first GRRRLS WITH GUITARS Party – an event that celebrates women in underground punk. There will be plenty of men with guitars too, even though the focus is on women. What I have found is that if you discriminate in favour of women, what you often get is more like 50/50 representation of men and women. And what could be better than that?

The GRRRLS WITH GUITARS Party is going to be held at the Lock Keeper and ran like a private party. We’re doing it a bit differently than usual, we are doing a paid guest list entry rather than tickets. We’re doing an all or nothing event by crowdfunding it. Either it will be an electrifying crowded and buzzing event, or it won’t be going ahead.

You decide! 

All guest list places must be bought in advance before 22nd May for the event to take place. And more guest list places will become available if we reach our initial target of three hundred pounds.

As we know some people such as students are on a tight budget, we have a mixture of cheap tickets and more expensive tickets available. The cheapest ticket we do is five pounds  and that gains you a paid guest list place.

We are encouraging people to buy the more expensive tickets though, such as the ten pounds one which has been popular so far. That one comes with MP3s of the bands’ music and the Mother’s Pride zine (homemade underground punk magazine featuring info about the bands playing the event.) There is also a twenty pounds one with a Riot Grrrl home made tshirt included.

If you are unable to attend the event but you want to contribute and get involved, you can buy just the zine or the tshirt or simply donate as an official patron of the arts in Chester.

If this party is a success, it will become a regular thing, mixing a club night party feel with live bands.

People sometimes complain that there’s not enough things happening in Chester and this is an opportunity for those people to get involved with something fresh. This event is crowdfunded so it belongs as much to the audience as it does to me.

If you want to come to the party and enjoy the music and hopefully be inspired, you can do so by clicking here.

Get involved.

If you are a woman or girl who wants to start a band and doesn’t know how, this is the party for you.

Or if you have a band and want to play the next one, get in touch. But above all, pledge to make this thing happen!

Hannah Golightly

Girls To The Front


Friday 10th June 2016

The Lock Keeper – 7.30pm

Guestlist places – £5 and over


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