#chesterculture – The Lost Carnival is almost here! Will you support #teamingénue or #teambird? #thelostcarnival


The Lost Carnival is thrilled to announce a Charleston Dance Off which you can watch online now.

Created by Axis Arts Centre – based at Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire, choreographed by MMUC dance graduate Jordan Williams and supported by a team of six students from the Department of Contemporary Arts, the Charleston Dance-Off will feature throughout the carnival, instructing audiences throughout the evening to learn a swing and jive routine in preparation for a Birds vs. Ingénues dance finale!

Jodie Gibson, Axis Arts Centre Director, says “The carnival thrives on the participation of audiences and what better way to involve them than a high-energy, give-it-a-go dance routine. We are delighted to be working with The Lost Carnival team on this commission, enabling performance students to demonstrate their skills, whilst gaining valuable experience within a professional, high quality outdoor arts event in their University town”.

The Birds and the Ingénues, have been scouring the world to recruit some incredible performers who will join them.

Browse their family albums, get costume ideas, listen to the podcasts and make a choice who to support at www.thelostcarnival.org.uk.

The Birds exude mystery and swagger, dark glamour and intoxicating performance. They are out to clear their name after being accused of sabotage at the 2015 Lost Carnival in Bury. Encounter the charismatic leader of The Bird Carnival, Sergei Bird, their glittering star and aerial gymnast Anastasiya Abramovich and the mischevious Maks Mager the magician at the event. Also performing for #teambird are incredible circus artist and trampoline acrobat Max Calaf Seve, master multi-tasker Rimski on his unique bicycle piano and La Sibylle, a curious female prophetess.

The Ingénues seem to be the heroes of the story with sequins, sparkle and colourful shine aplenty. Look out for Popo Ingénue, the Ingénue Carnival’s inspirational and adventurous leader, Strongman Ivor Pavlov and the impeccable Clare V’oyant at the event. Also performing for #teamingénue are Pif Paf Theatre with Planetary – 3 travellers on their spinning planet forged from 80 metres of steel pipe – plus unforgettable aerial tree-top performance and ground acrobatics from Whispering Woods.

It looks like they weren’t always such rivals though…

Getting the entire carnival crowd going will be the infectious Voodoo Love Orchestra with their big band sounds, plus many other intriguing acts.

Show your support for The Birds or The Ingénues throughout the evening (they will need your help) and witness a thrilling culmination if you dare.

David Agnew, Producer of The Lost Carnival and Director of So It Is says “We can’t wait to step into the unforgettable world of the Lost Carnival this May and welcome audiences for an evening of adventure as two of the greatest carnivals of all time battle for your affections. The Birds and the Ingénues need your family to decide who you will support. Share with your family and friends which carnival family you think should reign supreme using #teambird #teamingenue and #thelostcarnival. We are now counting down the days to find out who will win The Battle of the Carnivals.”

The Battle of the Carnivals is a story beyond your wildest imagination from award-winning producers Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and So It Is (Bury Met, Ramsbottom Festival), brought to life by theatre partner LASTheatre. Meet The Birds and The Ingénues – two rival carnival families battling for supremacy. Expect spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations, circus, music, visual trickery and sideshows. Enjoy a magical evening with family and friends.

Will you support #teamingénue or #teambird? Their fate is in your hands as the audience gets to choose who will be crowned the most glorious carnival ever at the end of each evening.
Start the adventure now. Buy tickets, choose which family you will support, follow the podcast, intriguing clues, secret messages, dressing up and reading inspiration.

The Lost Carnival
Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May 2016
Queen’s Park, Crewe

Under 3 years: Free
Sign up to the newsletter at www.thelostcarnival.org.uk

Follow The Lost Carnival on Facebook and Twitter #thelostcarnival.  



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