#chesterculture – Fiddle D Dee – The Bridge Inn – Thursday 12th May 2016

So, what is Fiddle D Dee?


Fiddle D Dee are a group of like-minded fiddle (violin in new money) players who meet once a month to teach each other a new tune.  Mandolin fiddles,  recorder fiddles, guitar fiddles, bass fiddles – all things vaguely folk …

It’s as simple as that really; Fiddle D Dee are a mixed ability from beginners (“Which way up do I hold it?”) to pretty accomplished.  But above all, what they all are is friendly.  It’s a great way to start or enjoy or return to playing with others.

Mostly what is played is folk – but if you something you want to bring to the group that’s not folk – that’s fine too.  They love a good tune to learn!

Mostly they teach and learn by ear – though usually whoever’s leading the workshop will relent and give out printed stuff at some point.

There’s easy parking near their current venue of The Bridge Inn – ask and they’ll share details! Fiddle D Dee are nursing a hope to get some pieces ready to take out to some of the local folk sessions – come and join in! The more the merrier!

Fiddle D Dee welcome violin/fiddle players but also recorders, guitars, whistles, mandolins – pretty much anything really… They’d love to see you at their next meeting.

Fiddle D Dee
Thursday 12th May 2016– 8pm
The Bridge Inn, Boughton, Chester. 

Email fiddle-d-dee@hotmail.co.uk for more information or find Fiddle D Dee on Facebook


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