#chesterculture – Talking Heads at The Forum Studio Theatre – 12th to 21st May 2016

Alan Bennett sealed his reputation as the master of observation with a series of 12 groundbreaking monologues, Talking Heads, originally filmed for BBC Television. At once darkly comic, tragically poignant and wonderfully uplifting, Talking Heads is widely regarded as a modern classic.

This May, Tip Top have Andy Jordan directing a production at The Forum Studio Theatre from 12th-21st. 309

Alan Bennett’s characteristic wit and subtlety allows us to see into the lonely, helpless worlds the narrators are trapped in. His monologues are wonderful observations of humanity, and always go beyond what is apparent at face value

As we learn more about these lives, the humour serves the dual purpose of entertaining and deepening the pathos of the situation.

Tickets can be booked online here or by phoning the box office 01244-341296 Tuesday-Friday 10.00am -1.00pm.

Talking Heads
The Forum Studio Theatre
12th to 21st May 2016
Tickets are priced at £11 or £7 on the opening night.


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