#chesterculture – Abigail’s Party at Tip Top – 21st to 30th April 2016

Cheese & pineapple, gin and a squeamish feeling of an evening falling apart.

Mike Leigh’s ‘Abigail’s Party’ will be performed by Tip Top Productions at The Forum Studio Theatre from 21st-30th April 2016.

cf735tausaaf_bzBroadcast on television more than 30 years ago, this play shows the audience a group of people whose lives are steeped in rancour and sadness. Beverly (Rachel Sumner) taunts her estate-agent husband Laurence (Stuart Evans), while he patronises her. Tony (Theo Spofforth) behaves with thuggish violence towards his wife (Sally Angelsea), while Susan (Anne Crowther), a middle-class divorcee is fleeing her punkish daughter’s party, suffers wilting inertia that partly explains her isolation. Despite its bleak undertones it has timeless themes of relationship and human interaction, as well as being unexpectedly funny and well observed.

Directed by Simon Philips, who recently had great artistic success with Tip Top’s musical ‘Rent’ in February, has cast newcomer Anne Crowther in the role of Susan. A difficult role to play, Anne has to convey to the audience exactly what she is thinking; she is the person who would rather play with the cat at a party than have another snowball!

An oral historian by day currently living in Liverpool, Anne is no stranger to the stage having performed previously with Challis Media, Valley Theatre Liverpool and in Terrence Rattigan’s “Separate Tables” as part of the Port Sunlight Drama Festival.

Simon Phillips has been keen to direct the play differently and bring an alternative view to the audience, so whether you have never been to an ‘Abigail’s Party’ or are a returning guest, you’re sure of a very entertaining evening out.

Abigail’s Party
The Forum Studio Theatre  
21st to 30th April 2016
Tickets £11. Concessions: £9
Book here


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