#chesterculture – Anne Lever: The Poetic Landscape – 23rd April to 17th July 2016

An exhibition of beautiful paintings by Anne Lever and poems by Michael Fox opens shortly at Chester’s Grosvenor Museum. ‘Anne Lever: The Poetic Landscape’ will run from 23rd April to 17th July 2016.

Anne Lever left her practice as a lawyer in London to live and paint in rural Cheshire. She studied with Robin Child at his Art Research Centre and is a member of the Rosvik Collective, a group of artists interested in landscape art. Inspired by her love and knowledge of the British landscape and its history, her work is ordered by geometry and infused with feeling for the spirit of place.

Anne Lever: The Poetic LandscapeWorking in the imaginative Neo-Romantic tradition, her art is influenced by the French master Paul Cezanne (1839-1906), the American painter Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) and the British artist Keith Vaughan (1912-1977). Exhibiting widely and with a growing following, her work is in many private collections.

Anne Lever said: “In all my painting I seek to transmit something of what I feel when a fleeting glimpse of something in the landscape stops me in my tracks. I go out in all weathers. Something catches my attention. I try to capture that sensation in my work. Not by recording reality but by finding an image that reflects my experience. Sometimes this just breathes itself onto the surface of the board; sometimes it is a monumental struggle; and all honouring the rectangle, on a flat surface and using colour. I have a passion for paint and am compelled to push through boundaries in order to resolve things which I do not fully comprehend. The result is always a surprise and leads on to further discovery.”


Anne Lever: The Poetic LandscapeEach painting in the exhibition has inspired a poem by Michael Fox. He was the first Literary Manager of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, before becoming a BBC drama producer. Subsequently he set up his own independent media company before co-founding and directing the Commonwealth Film Festival. Now an Anglican priest, he combines writing with doctoral research into drama and theology.

Michael Fox said: “Anne’s paintings are powerful visual expressions which need no explanation, but since first encountering her work I have admired it for its poetic quality, for its dash and verve and sense of creating a vivid experience there in the moment. I found myself wanting to respond by chasing down the imaginative places to which the work takes me and by finding a language for the deep resonances the combinations of colour and structure evoke in me.”

The programme of accompanying events includes:
Monday 25 April – ‘5000 years of land-use in upper Glen Almond, Perthshire’ lecture by Professor Richard Oram
Wednesday 18th May – ‘Commanding Views: A History of Landscape Art’ lecture by Adrian Sumner
Friday 3rd June – Tissue Paper Landscapes family activity
Tuesday 12th July – Exhibition Tour with Anne Lever

Anne Lever: The Poetic Landscape
The Grosvenor Museum
23rd April to 17th July 2016
Open Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 5pm and Sunday 1pm to 4pm
Admission is free but donations are welcomed.  


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