#chesterculture – What is Roller Derby and who are the Cheshire Hellcats?

What is Roller Derby?

Despite Roller Derby being the fastest growing female sport in the world a surprisingly few people seem to know what roller derby is all about.

Roller derby is a full-contact women’s sport played on quad skates by players skating around a flat oval track. The game is made up two minute bursts of play called jams.

At the start of each jam, each team sends five players onto the track. Each team consists of one jammer (point scorer), three blockers (defensive/offensive players) and one pivot (a special kind of blocker). The players are identified by their helmet covers – a stripe for the pivots and two stars for the jammers. The pivots and blockers form a pack at the start line and the two jammers line up on or behind the jammer line. The jammers score points by  making it through the pack of skaters, skating a full lap and then re-entering the pack. For for each opposing skater they pass legally the jammer scores a point.

The skaters in the pack do all they can to stop the opposing jammer passing and scoring points, whilst at the same time helping their own jammer to pass opposing players. They do this by shoving opposing players out of the way or knocking them to the ground using heavy shoulder or hip checks. Make an illegal hit and a player has to spend time in the penalty box.

Who are Cheshire Hellcats?

Founded in 2011, Cheshire Hellcats are Chester & Ellesmere Port’s First Female Flat Track Roller Derby League.

Cheshire Hellcats are recruiting for new female skaters aged 18 or over, and being able to skate isn’t necessary – all skills are taught in structured training sessions which currently take place at Stanney Oaks Leisure Centre. They currently train on Tuesdays between 7.30 – 9.30pm  – these are skill sessions which are open to everyone. Team training is on a Sunday between 5 and 7pm. 

Head Coach, Shezz Latham AKA. Luxury Problem said “Roller Derby is an all inclusive sport that is suitable for everyone whatever your shape, size or skill level. We have skaters who have joined us at 18, skaters who have joined us in their 40s, skaters who have done no exercise in years, and skaters who were already experienced in roller derby. Half the fun is learning a new skill and pushing yourself, the other half is playing an exciting sport with a team of women who really support each other.”


Cheshire Hellcats have regular fresh meat (new skater) intakes and are always looking to recruit referees and non-skating officials to join their skating family.

Roller Derby is amazing fun to watch as well as play and we suggest you get yourself down to their next bout as soon as you can!

Cheshire Hellcats
To join email CheshireHellcatsCHRD@hotmail.co.uk
Find them on Twitter
Oggle them on Instagram


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