#ChesterCulture – Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School – All Tied Up

What a life drawing class would be like if they held them at Torture Garden… Erotic life drawing comes to Chester!


You know what its like…

you get tied up…

hanging around by your bootstraps…

no lead in your  pencil…

no time to draw!

Well, strap in as Madame Ex from Dr. Sketchy’s has lovingly put together a night of life drawing at Telford’s Warehouse on Tuesday 29th March, where sexy young things will be tied down into positions that might make your eyes pop out!

The night’s theme is centered around bondage with a full size sex sling complete with robust changes and a cage in which to house unruly models who aren’t doing what they’reUntitled told!

These have been donated for the evening by the online kink shop – The Kinksters.

Models will pose for a series of drawings in which you will be timed during which to try and get the likeness down on paper!

As with every Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School event – expect performances, cheeky poses, plenty of sketching challenges, ear popping music, prizes and all within a good few feet of the bar!

img_0439At Sketchy’s they LOVE it when you dress up to match their themes too and we very much encourage you to do so if attending.

Now, you don’t have to be a superstar artist to enroll in a class ~ its truly open to all and the perfect night out for folks who are ‘I can’t draw-ers’, the ‘not surers’ and ‘cult explorers’.

It is art that doesn’t take itself too seriously…. to make seriously good art. The kind of class that embraces the “you are where you are” philosophy and just enjoy the ride… the scenery is swell. 😉

An Art School like no other ~ no previous drawing skills needed, it’s not about being an amazing artist, it’s about having a go. So, don’t be shy and put pencil to paper, move it around and see what happens – you might be surprised!

As always, you don’t need to bring a thing, paper and pencils are provided.

Sketchy’s politely request that if you prefer to bring your own materials, please make sure wet/messy items aren’t any more than a neat watercolour set.

View the event on Facebook

Your local Dr Sketchy’s on Twitter

Facebook page.

Telford’s Warehouse, Chester 

Tuesday 28th March 2016 


Tickets are priced £10.00 from here or becomeome a V.I.P. Member and get six Sketchy’s for the price of five plus one free ticket for a friend to attend any of the events here.

Over 18s only.

[editor’s note: Since going to ‘press’ one of The Kinksters team has been hospitalised with pneumonia and they will no longer be in attendance.

Despite this Dr Sketchy’s will still be happening as the show must go on. 😊. 

All of us here at Chester Culture wish Dave from The Kinksters a quick recovery.]


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