#chesterculture – Chester Devas Women’s Institute

ChesterDevasWI were founded in February 2015 and are the newest Women’s Institute in Chester.

ChesterDevasWI is a non-religious diverse group of women across varying ages, career paths and interests.

Their next event is on 12th April 2016z

Dr Dawn Llewellyn from the University of Chester will be giving a talk on ‘Maternal Silences: Motherhood and Voluntary Childlessness in Christianity’.

In this talk, Dawn discusses Christian women’s choices to become mothers or to identify as voluntary childless, the impact these decisions have upon faith as members of a religious organisation that idealises motherhood in teaching, scriptures and practices and expects women to give birth and nurture children.

What happens to women who experience ambiguity towards motherhood? Or those that understand motherhood as a hindrance to spiritual development?  How do women who do not feel ‘called’ to have children negotiate the church’s expectation?

Using women’s stories of motherhood and childlessness, Dawn explores the taboos preventing women from discussing these experiences, and also the tactics they employ to challenge Christianity’s assumptions about their reproductive agency.

To register for this event click here.

This is a free event for Chester Devas WI members.

It’s £5 to attend as a guest (this includes tea/coffee and cake) and you can attend up to 3 times before full membership is asked to be paid.


Cheste Devas WI Website

Chester Federation of Women’s Institute
Twitter: @ChesterDevasWI


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