#ChesterCulture – In The Company Of Women – Directed by Ed Green

Tonight sees the opening night of ‘In The Conpany Of Women’ at Davenham Theatre. A triple bill of plays featuring an all female cast of seven women.

‘In the Company of Women’ is all about women and their lot in life, their struggles and fight for identity.

‘Medea’ is based on the mythic story of Jason & Medea.

‘Rise & Shine’ is a tale of a factory worker with a crowded life, a new child and a sleeping partner; trying to get ready for work.

‘Where Do Little Birds Go?’ is about Lucy, a teenager in 60s London who gets caught up and is used by the Kray twins as a woman to “amuse” mad axeman Frank Mitchell while he is holed up in a London flat after being broken out of prison by the Krays.

Franca Rame writing about her 2 plays says “The pieces are comic, grotesque, on purpose. First of all because we women have been crying for two thousand years. So let’s laugh now, even at ourselves.”

Rise & Shine stars Kelly Cowley. Medea features Vanessa Duffy, Denise Barry, Sue Elliott, Andrea Scott and Jo Oultram) – Both by Dario Fo & Franca Rame.
Laura Elizabeth Bason stars in Where do Little Birds Go? by Camilla Whitehill.

Tickets £10.

Booking on-line via http://www.danarts.org/ (Development of the Arts in Northwich) or phone Davenham Players Box Office 01606 259596

Bar opens 7.30pm. Performance time 8pm


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