You are #ChesterCulture

All too often we still hear cries of

“we didn’t know it was happening until after the event”, 

“nothing ever happens in Chester”,

“Chester has no culture”, 

“nobody supports local artists/musicians/creatives/<insert other here>”

We want to change that.

Keep us updated with any events, shows, clubs or societies that you’re involved with in Chester so we can help others find it too.

Artists, musicians, poets, authors, writers, actors, dancers, creatives of any type – we want to hear from you.

Send us links to/pictures/videos of your work either via email or Twitter.

Tell us who you are. Share with us your creative process. Help inspire others.

Let us know what you’re doing.

Show us your creations – whatever they may be.

We want to be friends and build a creative community here in Chester.
We want to support and encourage creativity by all.

You are #ChesterCulture

Find us on Twitter: @ChesterCulture

or search for Chester Culture on Facebook.

Contact us at

Image courtesy of @shitchester 


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