Ashley Fayth and The Compass Rose – Take Back The Fire

img_0212Chester’s own Ashley Fayth has a new album out.

For her latest release Ashley has combined forces with Daniel J. Logan, Chris Harvey, Oscar South, Jack Beacall, and Jon Fellowes to form the trans-Atlantic country-folk collaborative, Ashley Fayth & The Compass Rose.

“I’ve always been a solo artist” says Ashley, “but this experience – the opportunity to join forces with five incredible musicians with such varied backgrounds and styles –  it has allowed me to explore a more layered, mature, and in some cases, slightly darker, sound that I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while.”

The group’s new album, Take Back the Fire, features 11 original songs and one traditional Newfoundland ballad. It is Ashley’s first collaborative work with the band. This new record succeeds her critically acclaimed 2012 solo release, Wonder Wonder, which secured international songwriting commendations, and awards from Universal Music and the Canadian Songwriters Association.

Produced by Russell Cottier and Daniel J. Logan and recorded at Parr Street Studios and Orchard Studios, Cheshire, the album is a move toward a much more textured and organic sound. Thematically and musically, the album ebbs and flows in darkness and intensity, like the sea swells that inspired so many of its songs.

“The album is about growing up once in Newfoundland, and then growing up again in the UK,” says Ashley. “These islands are my home, and I wanted to express my relationships with them both in these songs.”

The album was partially funded using the popular crowd-funding website, Indiegogo. The project raised nearly £2000 from supporters worldwide.

Ashley can be found performing as Alexander’s artist in residency every Saturday afternoon between four and six.
Take Back the Fire is now available from and from all major online music retailers.    


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