The Wayword Festival on until FRIDAY- a review


The Chester Performs Wayword Festival 2016

13th-19th February 2016

The half term program includes authors, illustrators, TV starts , scientists artists and more. The theme this year is adventure!

The festival focuses on primary school children and takes place at the Chester Town Hall as well as libraries across the region. At the Town Hall there is a daily (free) activities room set up where children can colour and play.

There are 4-5 events, readings and workshops available daily. Get your tickets now– there are only 3 days left!

Tickets available : , The Chester Visitor Centre by phone on 0845 241 7868

The Chester Culture Team were invited to come along and experience one of the events:

Kathryn Woodfine author of

The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth and its predecessor The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

Kathryn appears to be a champion of children’s literature and it shows. We were expecting to attend a reading from her new novel and were amazed at the interactive hour that transpired. Kathryn has a great stage presence and loves reading/writing. She involved the children (and adults) into a short history lesson on the Edwardian Era that was great fun. Using a power point presentation and bringing the audience into her world-she encouraged, entertained and enthralled her audience. She did read some passages from her two novels– and signed the books afterwards for those who so desired. It was such a positive atmosphere and a breath of fresh air to see children excited about the next mystery from this author.

The Wayword Festival is a true enhancement to any child’s half term experience. Come along and have a look- even with out tickets. You can see what the Chester Performs team have organized and set up for the public in Chester. There is also a cafe, a local book store has a stall selling an array of children’s books,drawing, activites including quizzes and free entertainment for the kids.

The Chester Performs team were also very helpful and friendly. In their blue sweatshirts they are easy to spot and ask for any advice.

ALL photography by Mark Carline


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