Review: Paul Dabek – Mischief at St Mary’s Creative Space

If you’re looking for somewhere to take in a show tonight, you could do a lot worse than dropping in to St Mary’s Creative Space to see the second night of magician Paul Dabek and his show ‘Mischief’. If you’re in the mood for puns and quickfire witticisms, largely at the audience’s expense, then Dabek’s somewhat awkward brand of comedy is sure to charm you. There were laughs aplenty last night in the first of the two shows, as the magician used audience participation and humour for misdirection whilst his sleight of hand magic came to life.

Dabek performed the kind of tricks that magic fans will have come to expect, favouring small props and plenty of interaction to keep the patter fresh. There were also a few unexpected additions, such as optical illusions and shadow puppetry, which were highly enjoyable and added great variety to his show. Within the beautiful setting of St Mary’s and its ample bar and refreshments for the interval, your Saturday night could be very well spent in magic and mischief!

Get details of tonight’s show here, as well as what else is on during St Mary’s superb Christmas season.


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