Winter Watch Parade and Saturnalia


Tonight in Chester join in two spectacular celebrations. Parading through the town centre of Chester will be the Saturnalia parade with Roman soldiers followed by The Winter Watch parade. Historically making sure the streets of Chester are safe and free from harm. Please come along to support these community events that add so much colour to Chester.


below from:

Chester Saturnalia

Saturnalia was a popular Roman midwinter festival celebrating the god Saturn, which lasted for several days. Saturn was the god of agriculture and worship of him hopefully encouraged prosperity to come. It was a time to eat,drink and be merry and there was a tradition of tomfoolery and role reversal, where masters became servants and vice versa in a  similar way to the Lord of Misrule of later Christmas celebrations. As Chester was a major Roman centre in the UK and the residents are proud of their heritage, it is celebrated here with a torch-lit parade of Roman Centurions to the beat of a drum with dancers and entertainers as well as rites to Saturn himself.


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