LitFest Review: Unbound with Rachael Kerr

In this world of hyper competitive publishing, online bookstores and self-made authors, Unbound offers a fantastic hybrid to bridge the gap between artistic freedom and the mainstream. On Friday October 23rd, Rachael Kerr represented the Unbound website and attached publishing house to a small but interested crowd, first explaining how the website works. Authors are able to pitch a book project online for any kind of book they’d like to write, then they must spread the word and encourage fans to purchase advance first editions and other great perks to support their project. Once a project reaches 100% support (around 500 people), Unbound will then produce a beautiful hardback and/or paperback of their work, supplying them to supporters as well as major book retailers under the Penguin publishing brand.

Present at the talk were Francis Pryor (of Time Team fame) and Josh Spero, who both worked tirelessly to fund their books through Unbound and were successful in making their publishing dreams reality. Josh’s unusual nonfiction book “Second Hand Stories” would have been unlikely to be produced by mainstream publishing if it weren’t for Unbound, and when Francis Pryor wanted to turn from serious archaeological writing to detective stories, he was able to produce “The Lifer’s Club” through this crowdfunding platform, and is now 85% supported on a sequel.

This is a truly revolutionary publishing tool that aspiring writers will not want to miss out on, and Rachael Kerr fielded plenty of questions on the subject that would set even the most skeptical minds at rest. Find out more about how Unbound works at

Find out more about the Chester Literature Festival at:


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