LitFest Review: Sir Ranulph Fiennes

In terms of grandeur of storytelling, wealth of experience and attention to detail, Sir Ranulph Fiennes was unbeatable speaking at the Chester Literature Festival. On Friday October 23rd, an audience of all ages and walks of life thronged to hear the great fundraiser and adventurer discuss “Heat”, his new memoir. This hefty tome recounts the treasured explorer’s numerous expeditions in climates with extremely high temperatures, including the time that he served in the Sultan’s private army in Oman, and his recent triumph as the oldest Briton to complete the Marathon Des Sables.

Dignified and charming as he sat beside his eager interviewer, Sir Ranulph was well prepared for his enthralling talk. He guided the audience through a series of photographs from “Heat”, discussing the history of adventurers such as Livingstone’s work in Africa, and how the works of these great men influenced his own experiences in the country. Sir Ranulph delighted fans with tidbits from his hovercraft journey thousands of miles up the River Nile, which was at a time when hovercraft technology was brand new and a beguiling thing for native Africans to witness. He also spoke very fondly of his first wife, Ginny, who accompanied him on all his expeditions at that time.

There were countless questions at the end, which Sir Ranulph answered with the same grace and wit that he displayed throughout the talk, and one fan went so far as to commend the adventurer for his love for the country of Oman and the Muslim religion and culture despite current prejudices in the wider world. Overall, his presentation was highly engaging and it was a genuine pleasure to be in the presence of a man who has done so much to aid Marie Curie Cancer Care through his incredible challenges. It certainly makes “Heat” a tempting future read.

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