Best Days of our Lives- a tribute to Blacon. Theatre in the Quarter


It is difficult to express how wonderful this tribute to the community of Blacon was.

Written and produced by Helen Newall and Matt Baker along with the people of Blacon. This is local musical theatre at its finest. Over 200 children from 6 Blacon schools, the Blacon choir, 3 professional actors and a band. One full hour of pure energy filled the Cathedral last Wednesday and Thursday and left the audiences amazed and empowered.

Positivity is the bottom line here. The performance tells the story Blacon from the eyes of a child and based on a school year. Memories from all generations come to life on the stage. Along with a full size screen with filmed images from Blacon the songs tell us stories of growing up in the community.

We are introduced through song to the Blacon milkman, school dinners, the play bus, the nativity play, an outing to the Chester Baths, sports day and so much more.

The 3 professional actors: Judi Jones, Rachael Rae and Francis Tucker lit up the stage. Their flawless interaction with the students was a thrill to watch. Songs, laughter and emotional memories filled the fast paced show.

David Williams, chair of the Blacon Education Village and Dee Primary explained that the project started about 12 months ago when he approached Theatre in the Quarter with his idea. The six schools of Blacon have been completely refurbished, reorganised and updated. It is a new educational collective.

The community did not want to lose the memory of the old schools and all the wonderful things that have happened there. Creating this musical preserves the memories of the students, teachers, all those involved in the school and community. Mr. Williams also expressed the desire to change peoples’ misconceptions about Blacon. The future shows in these children, their hard work , dedication and pride in their area.

Chester Culture applauds the efforts of Davis Williams, The Educational Village, all the teaching staff, employees, children and the entire community of Blacon.

May the profile of Blacon be raised and brought to the attention of all.

Forever and ever- These are the Best Days of our Lives..”

For more information on the Blacon Education Village see:

Theatre in the Quarter can be found on twitter @TintheQ  and also on Facebook

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