Octoberfest in style #BurgerOff

another community event – this one hosted by the team at Kash Tap Rooms –
more info as it comes in!!
On Saturday 3rd October the inaugural #BurgerOff will take its first Bambi like steps as part of the Kash Octoberfest – note the English spelling of October for it will be an English celebration of that German classic.


Ten of Chester’s finest bars and pubs will do battle in two competitions.

The King of Burgers

It’s time to answer the burning question on everyone’s lips: who makes the best burgers in Chester? All ten contestants will make the same standard burger using the same ingredients: a beef burger, a bun, lettuce, tomato and onion. While the contestants will source their ingredients, and the best quality ones at that, everyone must work with the same core components. No gimmicks, no tricks, just skills that pay the bills.

This competition will be judged by a panel of five independent people from the Chester Food and Drink industry. Each contestant will prepare two burgers for the judges to taste. The panel will decide the winner, and their decision is final (or until they get it right J)

The prize: a year’s worth of bragging rights. FACT.

The Freestyle Battle

This is where anything goes. And we mean anything. We’re looking for someone to reinvent the burger. We want our tiny minds blown. We’re talking a Tim Burton like reimagining of the humble meat sandwich. Think what would Lady Gaga do? No rules for this one.

This competition will be judged by a group of five burger lovers, picked at random via Twitter and Facebook. Each contestant will prepare two burgers for the judges to taste. The group will decide the winner, and their decision is final.

The prize: you can say you redefined the burger as we know it.

The Venue

The venue will be the Hoole Community Centre. The cooking will take place in a fully kitted out catering trailer, the spiritual home of the humble burger. Each chef will be given a time slot to cook, with two chefs cooking the same time. The competition will kick off at 2.30pm. No fighting or biting, please, but sledging is keenly encouraged.

The Beer Fest

We’re wrapping an October style beer fest around this mutha. This will kick off at 2pm. Tickets are £1 – a nominal fee as we just need to know numbers so we can manage capacity. Our focal is local beer wise, so we’ll have ten or so beers, on cask and keg, from local breweries plus a few blockbusters of our own. There’ll be burgers, bratz, wurst and the like. The music will be live and direct, and supplemented with a few cheesy Oom-Pah tunes and a smattering of leftfield brass based numbers, too. And much, much more.

Details will be drip feed over the next few weeks to avoid death by over-excitement.

contributed by Andy and Alex


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