who is Chester Culture???

I was recently asked about who Chester Culture really is….
here is how I see it ūüôā
Chester Culture began in 2013 as collective of like minded Chester people. Artists, writers,musicians, shop owners, bloggers, poets, dancers – and those who just simply care about Chester and wanted to help promote the many activities taking place.
The initial goal was maybe to organize a few cultural events as well (as a few of the volunteers have gone on to do.)
There is no committee, no chairperson…. just a group of hard working and dedicated people who love Chester.
We promote anything and everything but do have a soft spot for the independents, the little guys, the heart and soul of Chester’s artistic and dedicated people.¬†
We have watched ideas turn into full blown causes and amazing projects due to the hard work of Chester volunteers and dedicated individuals. People who really care.
Our team is ever changing but devoted.
We have poets, music enthusiasts, actors,actresses, mums,dads, students, fun loving characters. We all share what we want to and when we can. No rules. Chester is the focus and epicenter.
Most of us are still amazed when people say “There is nothing going on in Chester” or “How do you find out about local events??” There is so much happening in this city.
The atmosphere is charged all the time. Yes, one has to look – but if you seek you shall find.
From open mics nights to local theatre, from street art to The Grosvenor Museum, from The Food Assembly to the Chester Market, from amazing community events, cinema, Civil War reenactments, poetry slams and jams, stand up comedy and one man shows, the incredible parades, independent shops and restaurants, the unbelievable music scene, local bands, local groups from beer lovers to knitters, local radio, Chester Fringe, Street Festivals, youth groups, Art fairs, beer fests, Chester Pride, charity events…… we could go on and on.
We want to help get the word out there– The Chester scene is made up of people who care about Chester.
Chester Culture is a collective.
All working simply for the greater good. If you or anyone you know would like take part please contact us on Chesterculture@gmail.com. 
Write a blog post- write a review Рpromote yourself or your club Рintroduce yourself to Chester- add an  event to the Chester Calendar. 
by the way…this is just one bloggers point of view! Open to hearing your opinions too…

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