Mystery sandstones discovered in Chester– Chester Unlocked

Tuesday, 21st July 2015

Mystery sandstones discovered in Chester

A pair of mysterious carved sandstones discovered this week in the centre of Chester has left locals “baffled”.

The two sandstone carved blocks (pictured) feature unusual coded writing and were discovered within hours of each other at Chester’s 1,000-year-old Cathedral AND at Chester’s oldest church, St John the Baptist’s Church, in the city centre.

It’s like this carved sandstone simply sprang up overnight”, said Karl William, Caretaker at St John the Baptist’s Church. “We have never seen it before and there’s no record of this stone in our archives. It is a mysterious new addition to our grounds.”

This is a new carved sandstone without any doubt”, added Simon Warburton, Director of Operations at Chester Cathedral. “It also has some unusual coded language on it. We’re intrigued and can’t wait for someone to shed some light on this.”

Rumours are surfacing that the sandstones may be hoaxes or part of an unusual and, yet unexplained, stunt.

This is yet another unusual new addition to the city centre”, said Julie Charlton at the city’s Business Improvement District, CH1ChesterBID. “As part of Chester Unlocked, we’ve seen a number of artefacts uncovered through a citywide museum trail. There’s no doubt the finds we’re showcasing through Hoot’s Route have captured the public imagination and I’m sure these strange sandstone carvings will do too! Let’s hope it becomes clear what they are soon enough!”

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About CH1ChesterBID Company

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led, business-funded body created to improve a defined commercial area. In June 2014, hundreds of businesses voted in favour of the plans to create a BID in Chester and on September 1st 2014, CH1ChesterBID Company started a five year-term with the intention of delivering a more vibrant and successful trading environment for Chester city centre.

There are 509 businesses in Chester’s BID area with a rateable value of more than £18,000. Each of these will contribute a levy equal to 1% of their business rates every year to fund a wide range of improvements identified by the businesses themselves. It is expected that approximately £2.5m of private sector funds will be generated over the five-year BID term and this money will be reinvested back into the city centre.

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About Big Heritage

Big Heritage is an award-winning social enterprise based in Chester. It delivers unique and impactful projects that focus upon specific heritage themes and has a strong track record in engaging people with the heritage of Merseyside.

Our team consist of education professionals and archaeologists who have a wide range of experience in working with a spectrum of audiences from schoolchildren to FTSE 100 executives.

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