From The Chester BID- New city maps

New guide for city centre visitors

A new wall map highlighting Chester’s visitor attractions and retail hotspots is set to welcome drivers arriving at the city’s Market Car Park.Designed, installed and funded by the city centre Business Improvement District (BID) CH1ChesterBID, the map is another addition to the cityscape aimed at boosting the city’s welcome for new arrivals.

The large wall map is now in place on all levels at the car park, on Princess Street, and is intended to be the first of many new similar guides in car parks across the city.

Rita Waters, Chief Executive of CH1ChesterBID, said: “This is another step we’re taking to improve the city centre welcome for our visitors. The more information we can provide to people arriving in Chester the more they can enjoy our city, its attractions and experiences and, of course, its retail offer. The plan is to introduce more of these maps in key parking locations right across the city.”

The map guides people to key attractions including Chester Town Hall, the Eastgate Clock and the Cathedral as well as prime historic and retail sites within the CH1ChesterBID area.

“With more than 2,000 years of heritage on view for all to see, an enviable choice of places to eat and drink and a diverse range of shops, Chester is a fantastic city to discover and explore”, Rita added.

Pictured: The newly installed wall map

NEW MAP    (click to open)

About CH1ChesterBID Company

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led, business-funded body created to improve a defined commercial area. In June 2014, hundreds of businesses voted in favour of the plans to create a BID in Chester and on September 1st 2014, CH1ChesterBID Company started a five year-term with the intention of delivering a more vibrant and successful trading environment for Chester city centre.

There are 509 businesses in Chester’s BID area with a rateable value of more than £18,000. Each of these will contribute a levy equal to 1% of their business rates every year to fund a wide range of improvements identified by the businesses themselves. It is expected that approximately £2.5m of private sector funds will be generated over the five-year BID term and this money will be reinvested back into the city centre.


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