The Chester Little Theatre on Tour- Youth Theatre Group

The Chester Little Theatre On Tour

presented :

The Lady at the

Long Wall – at Theatr Clwyd on Saturday 11th July.

Meng4 003a

Chester Theatre Club’s Youth Theatre completed their mini-tour of local

centres with a performance of the ancient Chinese story – The Lady at the

Long Wall – at Theatr Clwyd on Saturday 11th July.

After successful performances of the play at Garden Lane Methodist Church

and Whitby Hall, Saturday’s final performance acted as a fitting climax to a

demanding schedule for the young people. But it was all worth it when one

member of the audience told the young people that their performance had

“moved her to tears”.

“The Lady at the Long Wall” is an original creation by Jenny and Paul

Shryane in collaboration with members of the Youth Theatre. It is based on

the Chinese story of Meng Jiang’s journey to seek her husband who has

been conscripted to work on the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Meng’s exacting journey was sensitively created by the ensemble who also

provided their own musical accompaniment using authentic Tibetan hand

bells, tambours and bird whistles.

The drama evolved out of the year long project between Chester Theatre

Club and the Chinese staff at the University of Chester, exploring the

differences and similarities of Western and Eastern theatre techniques.

The collaboration between the University and Chester Theatre Club is set to

develop even stronger links during this summer as members of the Theatre

Club are working with university students from China who will be in our city

for two weeks exploring the city’s culture and history.

Meng9 011 Meng5 010 Meng9 011 meng10 005

submitted by:

Jenny and Paul


meng10 001


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