New Production – The Little Theatre Chester

Rehearsals are well under way at Chester Little Theatre for the staging of a fast paced, farcical comedy which will bring the curtain down on Chester Theatre Club’s current season at the popular city centre venue.
“Habeas Corpus” by Alan Bennett is directed for Chester Theatre Club by Chester based actor and director Mark Newman. The play, set in Brighton’s well-to-do district of Hove takes a wry look at the sexual revolution of the 1960s and its effects on the Wicskteed family, the seemingly respectable but sex obsessed GP Dr Arthur Wicksteed, his sexually frustrated wife Muriel and their hypochondriac Son, Dennis plus a whole host of other stereotypical, larger than life characters including the lecherous and appropriately named Vicar, Canon Throbbing and the Wicksteed’s charlady Mrs Swabb. Unwanted amourous advances, mix ups and mistaken identities make for a wonderfully riotous romp, in the finest tradition of British comedy.

First produced in 1973, with it’s nod to the much loved comedy of the Carry On films in their heyday and the “nudge nudge wink wink” seaside humour of the famous Donald Mcgill postcards, “Habeas Corpus” is a celebration of Alan Bennett’s wonderful writing as he takes to task the attitudes towards sex and the permissive society of 1960s Britain with full comedic effect.

The play runs in the Auditorium at Chester Little Theatre in Gloucester Street, Newtown, Chester from Saturday 4th – Saturday 11th July. Tickets are £8.50 with £7.00 concessions available for the perfomances on the first Saturday and Monday and Tuesday evenings and can be booked on 0333 663366(booking fee applies) or online at where full details of Habeas Corpus and all upcoming shows and events at the theatre can be found.


Attachment: Photo shows; Director Mark Newman with some of the cast of Chester Theatre Club’s production of Alan Bennett’s comedy Habeas Corpus which is being staged at Chester little Theatre in July.

H Corpus[1]


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