A new Dance Theatre Company in Chester – enCompass Collective


The new enCompass Collective— born of two University of Chester graduates dream to form their own dance collective. They will be holding a premier evening on June 19th. Details below…..

enCompass Collective
are a graduate Dance Theatre company that are based at the University of Chester. We create, perform and facilitate high quality and diverse Dance Theatre pieces across the North West of England. We deliver workshops and classes at secondary schools, colleges and universities. We are currently Co-Directing a production of Antigone, soon to be performed at The Forum Studio Theatre in Chester, with students on the Performance Practice module at the University of Chester.
The Collective is run by two graduates from the University of Chester,  Josh Slater & Ellie Russell.
They take an active role in all aspects of the company, from performing and creating to admin and facilitation. The rest of the Collective is made up of 6 performers, with ages ranging from 18 to 23.
enCompass Collective have spent the last 6 months creating three new Dance Theatre works to be toured as part of a triple bill evening entitled Circumstances. The tour will take place over the Autumn/Winter season at different venues across the UK.
Two guest choreographers have been brought in to create two of the three works. The first Circumstances brought me here is choreographed by Liverpool based artist Lauren Tucker. The second work Room(s) is choreographed by Chester based Evelyn Jamieson. With the third workTwo Bodies in Space being choreographed by Josh Slater & Ellie Russell. On the preview evening, there will also be a work-in-progress solo performed by guest artist Lauren Tucker.

The première of Circumstances will take place on the Friday 19th June 2015 7pm at;

Kingsway Buildings

University of Chester






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