Mid Summer Parades – Chester. June 20-21st

Summer parade 3 SUMMER PARADE Summer parade 2
Photos courtesy of  Bob Hadifeld
and The Chester Mid Summer watch -Facebook page
contact Bob Hadfield
The Mid Summer Parades, one of Chester’s most colourful and iconic events,
will once again dance and sing its way through the streets of Chester next month.
June 20-21st at 2 p.m.
Organized by Russell Kirk and supported by many volunteers this is a community spectacular not to be missed.

Angels, devils, green men,  St George , vikings and mythical beasts rub shoulders with Romans,

St Werburgh, a camel,  a raven band and fiery monsters  to name a few. The solstice celebration is a parade full of sound and colour that dates back to the late 1400’s.

According to Wikipedia – it was under “.. the mayoralty of Richard Goodman who served from November 1498 until November 1499 that the “Watch on Midsummer Eve was first sett out and begonne”.

At every summer solstice, Cestrians would march through the streets carrying torches and wearing costumes during years when the famous Chester Mystery Plays were not performed.

Today the mid summer tradition is kept alive with the artistic leadership and direction of Russell and hundreds of volunteers who take part. 

Come to The Town Hall Square at 1:45 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday June 20-21st to witness the fantastic display in person.

The parade route this year will start and finish at The Town Hall Square. You can watch all along the route which will follow Northgate Street, St Werburg St, Eastgate St , Upper Bridge St, Pepper St, St John’s St, along Eastgate St and back to the town Hall Square.

volunteers are welcome to contact Russell… assistance always welcome –join in the fun!
historical info on parades and the giants in Chester:

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