New Cineworld Broughton

On 16th April I was lucky enough to be asked to go on a guided tour of the new CineWorld cinema complex at the Broughton shopping park. While still resembling a building site, it was very clear to see how impressive the final 1,680 seat cinema will be when it opens on 8th May 2015.

cineworld small01cineworld small03

cineworld small04cineworld small05

With 11 screens, including one vast 300-seater Imax screen, the new cinema will bring big-screen movies back to Chester and North Wales audiences, something that has been lacking since the closure of the Odeon in 2007 and the Greyhound Park Cineworld in 2013.

cineworld small09cineworld small06

As well as featuring state of the art digital projection (2D and 3D) and extremely comfortable seating, the new CineWorld has a few extra features which are worth highlighting.

cineworld small08cineworld small07

Accessibility will be good for all screens, all with dedicated areas for disabled audience members and their carers, and at least half of the screens feature disability boxes at the rear.

cineworld small13cineworld small14

Audio-descriptive, subtitled and autism-friendly screenings are also available.

On Saturdays and Sundays, kids’ films will be screened for children audiences with prices of £1.75 for standard screens and £3.75 for Imax.

cineworld small15cineworld small16

Like every other CineWorld, there are offers for monthly cards, with great discounts and there will be special late-night showings on Fridays and Saturdays.

The main lobby will feature a 55-seater Starbucks and a fully licensed bar will allow cine-viewers to take their drinks into screenings.

The gala opening is on 16th of May. Many thanks to Cineworld Broughton’s general manager Michelle McClean and Architect & Project Manager Chris Bartlett for the guided tour of the site.

For information on ticket prices and films visit the Cineworld Broughton website


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