Site, Sight, Cite — A Community Project

Site, Sight, Cite

What does Chester mean to you? Where are your favourite places? What memories do you have of the city? How has the way you look at Chester changed?

These are some of the questions that we’re interested in exploring with a community arts project called ‘Site, Sight, Cite’, in which you can create your own personal history of the places you know or once knew in Chester.

The project involves attending a small number of workshops during June 2015, in which drama and performance with audience participation will be used to explore the identity of your city.

Led by Lecturers in Performing Arts from the University of Chester, ‘Site, Sight, Cite’ will guide you through the streets of Chester, revealing the city to others as only you see it. The project is open to residents of Chester, past and present – no previous experience of drama or performance is necessary, just an interest in looking at places from a new perspective.

For further information please contact James Layton – or Richard Molony – or tweet us – @SiteSightCite

Follow:     @SiteSightCite      on Twitter


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