Chester Attractions

Chester Attractions 

are a group of attractions based in Chester who have come together to form an affiliation with a common interest: to make Chester a wonderful, memorable experience and entice visitors back time and time again. 

The same goes for locals to Chester- The Attractions consortium offers activities and days out for one and all. Their goal is to come together and strengthen their forces in order to WOW more visitors back to our area. They would like to promote Chester as a number one destination.  

 In 2014 they appointed Peter Rosenfeld (founder & managing director of BusyBus) as its new Chair, succeeding Brian Clarke (ChesterBoats).

Peter commented: “I am honoured in this appointment and am committed to take us forward and ensuring Chester is well and truly at the top of the visitors itinerary again.


It’s important that Chester Attractions, the city and residents engage positively and proactively to deliver a seamless, joined-up experience to our visitors who will recognise Chester as the historical attraction-rich city it is. Attractions are an absolutely vital ingredient of any visit experience and our consortium will be working tirelessly to make sure the city gets back in the top 20 destinations in Britain….

We aim to quickly strengthen Chester’s range of

attractions that will further enable the destination to compete with major players like Bath and York. Those interested in joining the group should do so now!”

Peter has extensive experience in the tourism sector having served as a founding Director of Visit Chester and Cheshire. He is also the co-founder and owner of the highly successful digital ticketing software provider WebTicketManager.

He comes to the post with the main ambition of getting Chester back on track as a “must-see-and-do-city” spear heading a campaign 

described as the “dream vision for success” in recognizing Chester’s vast, varied and exciting attraction portfolio.

Peter’s published mandate includes enhancing marketing activities, embracing existing and emerging technologies and developing current and new affiliations with neighbouring cities and destinations.

We are looking forward to seeing what The Chester Attractions Group have in store for all of us! It is also up to the people of Chester to support these activities when they can and keep the Cultural interest in Chester alive! Spring and summer are fast approaching and we know that Chester rises to the occasion. 

For a comprehensive look at The Chester Attractions group please see their web page:

They also have a FaceBook page- Chester Attractions.

If you have any questions about the group please use the contact form on their web site. 

Here is a list of the Chester Attractions involved in the consortium: Busybus, Cheshire Military Museum, Chester Boat, Chester Heritage Tours, City Walls, Dewa Roman Experience, Grosvenor Museum, Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway, Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Mill Hotel and Spa Restaurant Cruiser, Telford’s Warehouse, The Chester Tour and The Ice Cream Farm.


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