Urgent Petition to Save The Ship Victory Building from Demolition!

Standing alone and empty in the Gorse Stacks Car Park, The Ship Victory is the last of a row of shops and pubs that once ran along George St. and overlooked the city’s bustling Cattle Market. Since the 1960s, in the apparent name of progress, these buildings have been totally wiped away and replaced with concrete and parking spaces, joining the devastating multitude of other such destroyed historical structures across Chester, in a heart-rending loss of much of the city’s former glory. Now, the Ship Victory is also in jeopardy as the Council enters the final stages of plans to tear it down so that a new city bus exchange can be erected. The Ship Victory (closed), Chester Chester’s greatest asset is unquestionably its architectural heritage, each unique building of which tells the story of its fascinating and colourful history. The plight of The Ship Victory is representative of that of many other Cestrian buildings and it is unfathomable to think that Cheshire West and Chester Council would act against the wishes of the majority of the citizens it serves, who are up in arms, and continue to eradicate such precious embodiments of Chester’s history still further. One CWAC  representative  questioned recently assured that there would likely be a plaque placed at the site of the former pub once it was knocked down to acknowledge its existence – a laughable and tasteless act which completely misses the point. Truly modern cities do not demolish their historic buildWestern Concourse at King’s Cross by John McAslan + Partnersings when constructing those of their future – they integrate them, as we see constantly in places such as London, Liverpool and Manchester.  Progress should never mean needless destruction. Why not meld the building into the designs? A perfect example of this kind of sympathetic co-existence of old and new is demonstrated in the 2012 modern vaulted arch roof at London’s King’s Cross. Planners did not destroy the iconic Victorian architecture of the station; instead, they designed a striking, beautiful roof that fits within and around the original structure, branching up and outwards like a tree. The modern architecture actually accentuates the  handsome twin-arched front of the original station front, which was also restored for the redevelopment. Cheshire West and Chester Council must now similarly re-evaluate its plans to demolish The Ship Victory, listen to the voice of the citizens, and act to cap the years of damage already done to our heritage. However, this destruction will go ahead, unless we make our voices heard. Planning permission has already been granted, so time is running out! Please, take a few seconds to sign the petition to save The Ship Victory: https://www.change.org/p/preserve-chester-s-architectural-identity-do-not-demolish-historic-pub-the-ship-victory-in-order-to-contruct-a-new-bus-exchage The more we act, the great chance we’ll have of making a difference. If you have time, why not send a brief email to Chester local MP Stephen Moseley, too, asking him to defend the building from its imminent destruction? He can be contacted at stephen@chestermp.com Together we can save our heritage! Image 1 courtesy of Jeff Buck; image 2 courtesy of Hufton + Crow

One thought on “Urgent Petition to Save The Ship Victory Building from Demolition!

  1. This is an old historic building that must be saved. Shame on anyone who wants to knock it down. It was a great pub and I long to see it open again.


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