STIPE – The R.E.M. Tribute – 24th April -The Live Rooms

Live Rooms posterA couple of years back, because I am incapable of being still, and because it was my birthday, we had to ‘do something’.

That something was all set to be my first Stipe gig, in Chester.

Now and then, R.E.M. are the soundtrack to bits of me; their album ‘Monster’, is what I turn to when I am excessively anything; happy or sad. This gig was a big deal.

They were indeed ‘awesome’ that night.  It was the stuff that the stories of our musical landscape are are made from.

Stipe bring R.E.M.’s music seamlessly to life; perfect reinvention. It’s a real treat to hear them perform this music live. I’ve seen them since, more than once. (That’s a whole other story.) They play loads of back catalogue material that’s part of your musical dreams and some absolute gems you might not know.

So I’m very excited that Stipe are in Chester again and at the very professional Live Rooms.

So, so, so – come out!

Come out to the Live Rooms and fall for the R.E.M. sound all over again or for the very first time!

for tickets see here:-

and for the band themselves say hello here:


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