Review: Alice (Theatre in the Quarter)

Alice is a new adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s works (written by Stephanie Dale). A story packed with classic “Wonderland” and “Looking Glass” moments woven into this new story; of Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll’s friendship; the wonder of childhood and the bittersweet experience of changing, moving on and growing up.

The show is presented in-the-round so immediately you’re immersed in the action.  Just the fact you’re sitting down with the action unfolding around you evokes the feelings of being little again.

IMG_0201With a mix of magic, dream-like surreal, hilarity and a sprinkle of the scary (eek the Queen of Hearts!) it’s like the best of children’s stories brought to life!  Theatre In The Quarter have creatively used the seeming restrictions of live performance and performing in-the-round and turned them into opportunities to create drama and sparkle. From the beautifully choreographed scene changes, to the morphing stage, it’s so cleverly and artistically done. The brilliant actors play much of the music and the music is as characterising as the acting itself.  The Caterpillar drowsily playing the melodica is a touch of genius!

I don’t want to give too much of the show away because it was so much fun being taken along for the ride! But stand-out moments for me were; the arrival of the Cheshire Cat (magically interpreted), the Queen of Hearts, (always a favourite character of mine, but Sophie Hatfield is just amazing), and the whirlwind madness of the tea party.  The attention to detail of the show as a whole is exceptional, from the set, costume, music, acting every element builds to create a wonder for the senses – right down to the nervous fluttering of the flamingo (umbrella) birds.

Alice is a fabulous production that’s entertaining and fun with masses of depth cleverly put together (without ever being try-hard) Something the whole family can enjoy – go see it!

Alice continues on numerous dates until 10th January 2015.  Full details on their website here


Photography by Neil Kendall


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