Dai’s reportage: Christmas in Chester (1)

Continental Market                                                                                    The Continental Christmas Market

Chester at Christmas is, of course, buzzing with shoppers seeking seasonal gifts, but it is also known for its series of colourful festive Parades.  In recent years I have tried to capture some of the feel of these with quick reportage sketches.

A Continental Market has grown in size in the Town Hall Square, and strings of lights and and Christmas trees brighten the evenings in the centre of the city

Chester Christmas             The tree at the Cross 

But never forget the suburbs like Hoole, cheerful with lights, and the tree that guards Handbridge at the Old Dee Bridge.

Old Dee Bridge at Christmas                                                                            Christmas lights at the Old Dee Bridge

On the busy streets choirs and  many musicians of all ages add to the atmosphere….

Chester Christmas 3 - Street band  2                                               Street buskers


while hot food and spicy Winter drinks keep the cold at bay…..

Chester Christmas 5 - Street stall 3Hot chestnuts! 

Before the two Winter Watch Parades and the Roman Saturnalia, the main events are the ‘Turning on of the Lights’ and the Children’s Lantern Parade.  There was a fever of activity by the great Cathedral door as the lanterns were assembled by the stewards and families…..

Chester Lantern paradeSoon the parade is a blaze of lights and ready to move off….

Chester Lantern Festival 1Each child holding their hand-made lantern ……

Chester Lantern Festival 7  ….. this particular year a Storyteller led the parade, complete with fine coat, top hat, and story book….

Chester Lantern Festival 5                                                     The Storyteller

This is a great moment for the column of children as they progress through the streets with their lanterns high….

Chester Lantern Festival 8past the Rows and pavements full of watching people…… lightening the night….

Chester Lantern Festival 4

( next blog – The Winter Watch Parades)








3 thoughts on “Dai’s reportage: Christmas in Chester (1)

  1. I live in Chester and I absolutely love the city during Christmas time, the markets and the parades as well as the singing at Chester Cathedral… just beautiful. I much prefer walking around Chester than Liverpool or Manchester!


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