All Female Choir ‘Handbag of Harmonies’ play a hometown gig

Most people in Chester will know exactly who the fabulous Handbag of Harmonies are. But for those who don’t a Handbag of Harmonies is a choir of vivacious women from Chester who create a party wherever they go. With pink feather boas and glitzy handbags, they sing in four-part harmony with dazzling choreography and guarantee to leave audiences with smiles on their faces.

Handbag of Harmonies comes to Chester’s Alexander’s Jazz Theatre on the Thursday 18th December Tickets are £7 / £6 advance.

Formed in 2000, the choir has 70 members and can offer performances from 20 minutes to a full evening, with as few as 20 and as many as 60 singers singing a cappella or accompanied by piano and saxophone. Led by the charismatic Matt Baker, they sing a wide repertoire of songs from the 1930’s to the present day. These include Lullaby of Broadway, Think by Aretha Franklin and Take That’s Rule the World and several original songs of their own. Matt is a professional composer and performer whose work has taken him up and down the country and abroad. He also wrote the music for the renowned cycles of Chester Mystery Plays in 2003, 2008 and for the 2013 cycle. Matt is artistic director of Theatre in the Quarter.

A Handbag of Harmonies has performed at venues across the UK including London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Manchester Town Hall and Liverpool Empire Theatre. It has also performed in Germany and Isle of Man.

In 2008 they entered the BBC’s prime time Saturday night talent show, ‘Last Choir Standing’ . A Handbag of Harmonies was the only women’s choir to reach the top 15 out of nearly 1,000 entries and judge Russell Watson said: “I can’t remember having so much fun watching a choir before!”

Here at Chester Culture our twitter followers voted Handbag of Harmonies and Matt Baker individually as two of the 50 reasons why Chester is a city of culture.  Visit for more information about their show and to purchase tickets.




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