Chester Theatre Club Youth Theatre presents “The Great Dictator & The Refugee Girl”

Dictator2 042bWe’ve had an update from Chester Theatre Club Youth Theatre and their new production “The Great Dictator & The Refugee Girl” take a look…

“The Great Dictator and the Refugee Girl” is our original adaptation of one of Oscar Wilde’s famous short stories. Wilde created these “moral fables”, which were first published in 1886, for his two young sons. Our version is set in our own troubled times but offers a story of redemption and hope.

On his death the Great Dictator has ordered that a huge statue of himself is erected in the city square. However, from his plinth the Great Dictator is suddenly able to see the misery and poverty he has inflicted on his people.

So he enlists the help of a homeless refugee girl to try to bring some comfort to those who have suffered at his hands. At first, the girl is reluctant (like the swallow in the original story) because this is her one chance to leave behind the oncoming winter misery. But gradually a bond develops between the unlikely couple.


“The Great Dictator & The Refugee Girl”Thursday 4th & Friday 5th December 7.30pm

The Salisbury Studio, Chester Little Theatre, Newtown


Saturday 6th December at 7.00pm

Garden Lane Methodist Church, Garden Lane, Chester


Admission: £3 (including tea and mince pies)



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