Chester Art Fair and Bob Hadfield

The third Chester Arts Fair
takes place this month at the Racecourse
on Nov 21-23rd. 
The exhibition is fantastic, varied and offers  something for all tastes. It will be host to over 40 galleries and artists.

 There will also be presentations, demonstrations and discussions with artists available.

See their web site for opening times, show times, tickets and event information.


We were lucky enough to sit down recently with local photographer Bob Hadfield who will be exhibiting at the Chester Art Fair.

 He has has been using his creative talents to produce very unique images of Chester, including pieces of work which incorporate historical elements of the city from vintage images merged with present day photographs Bob takes. He calls them ‘mash-ups’.

He is really looking forward to the upcoming Chester Arts Fair because he is one of the few (if not only) artist exhibiting who is from Chester, it has special significance for him.

“Being from Chester myself it’s a great opportunity for people to see my work and perhaps appreciate more the beauty of our city. My work has helped me understand and appreciate Chester more so than ever before, especially regarding its heritage and history through my ‘mash-up’ work. I feel like I’ve fallen in love with the city again and I hope many people who visit the Arts Fair who are local to Chester,  see my work and appreciate how beautiful our city is, perhaps look at it in a new perspective rather than (as I used to do) start take it for granted and forget how lucky we are to have such beauty on our doorstep.”


We could not agree more and wish Bob all the success possible with his photography, art work and new business.
Come down to the Chester Arts Fair to support Bob along with all the other artists. Together we are promoting Culture in Chester.

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