Real Men Swingdance Together

Beth Kennedy writes and blogs on all things swing dance and Chester and much more besides. I so agree with this bit “When it comes to the day it’s normal for two men to dance together I’ll be so happy.” I had this conversation on Saturday night with some other folk – whaddya think?

Shorty Lead

c16b133c82398a26615b1755243db0f8 “Have you told them we’re totally straight?” “Nah, let’s mess with their heads a bit!”

At last Sunday’s social I mentioned to a friend “When it comes to the day it’s normal for two men to dance together I’ll be so happy.” My friend replied “Unfortunately, I just don’t think the world is there yet.”

She has a point. I mean, we see women swingdancing together all the time. And it doesn’t mean they’re lesbians – it’s just more socially acceptable (I hate to say that, but it’s true). As a female lead that’s excellent news for me, but bad news for men out there. In my opinion, they’re probably scared of being branded “gay” and “weak” for being a follow. However, there are plenty of male ballet dancers out there and it’s only just becoming OK for men to do this (probably thanks to the mainstream success of Billy Elliot). People started to realise you…

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