MA Fine Art Show at CASC – a review

I had a good feeling about the MA Fine Art show when I saw the exhibition Loop at Chester Film Co-op a few weeks before. Loop was created and curated by two students of the MA programme; Estelle Woolley and Maria Walker and was really impressive; intelligent, beautiful and contemporary. So I was looking forward to seeing more from them and other members of the course.

The CASC exhibition space seems to be still a bit of a hidden gem in Chester.  It’s a light, modern space that morphs well for different types of work. The MA Fine Art show is no exception. This is a multi-disciplinary show, playful, individual and well worth a visit. I loved experiencing more of Estelle Woolley’s sound pieces, which even when it was busy caught my ear and made me smile with their ticks and tocks, off-kilter positioning and use of materials.

I noticed in the course information that this course has opportunities for students to work with textiles and references to textiles, in a broad sense, are definitely evident in many of the works. From Maria Walker’s sculptures, to prints in the work of Julia Bakir to the landscape layering of Carwyn Griffiths.

My favourite piece was actually a collaboration between Estelle Woolley and Simon Connell, it’s got a cheekiness about it, like it’s burst out of the side room and running away. I  didn’t see if it had a title, but if you hear a lawnmower purring, you’ve found it!

An altogether highly professional beautifully executed show, with challenging, fun, quality contemporary fine art that I’m chuffed we have in Chester. Go see it.

The MA Fine Art show at University of Chester is on until October 24th 2014, at Kingsway Campus, Newton. The gallery is open 10am-4pm.


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