Civil War Tours of Chester – The Battle of Rowton Moor

Keeping 17th century Chester history alive.
The Civil War Tours company of Chester offer daily tours from the Chester Visitor Centre.
Check their web site for times.

The Battle of Rowton Moor

Marking the anniversary this Wednesday on September 24th they have arranged an evening event to commemorate the Battle of Rowton Moor. 369 years ago Chester was a 17th century international port – the largest on the northern coast of England at the time. This battle was the end for King Charles and where he was ultimately defeated by a parliamentary victory.
The evening will include historical readings and discussions on the history of the war.
Followed by a flaming torch lit walk onto an exact patch of land where the battle took place. Walk in the footsteps of history.

Wednesday 24.September meet at The Black Dog Pub, Rowton 8pm.

The Battle of Rowton Moor Tour starts from the Black Dog Pub, a well known hostelry situated on the A41 main road, just outside the village of Waverton. The full postal address is: Whitchurch Road, Chester, Cheshire


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