Over by Christmas – Theatre in the Quarter

Running now presented by Theatre in the Quarter is the musical presentation
                                   “Over by Christmas”
 In Chester for two shows on Sept. 14th
TODAY IN CHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A tribute to all those who fought in The Great War 100 years ago- this musical/theatrical production brings the beginning of the war to life at Railway stations across Cheshire.
The railway was a huge part of the war effort and of peoples’  daily lives. This presentation shows the soldiers, officers and nurses departing on the trains and heading off to fight in  battle. They had no way of knowing what would await them. Emotions were high, and often upbeat, as the volunteers set off to fight in a battle that would change the world in so many ways.
The big Send Off  music starts as upbeat and optimist as much of the music in 1914 was. Progressing to more desperate and sad as the story unfolds.
Hear the stories of the people through the music- from the newspaper boys to the officers… each will tell their story in their own way.
Over 300 people are involved in the performances from several generations.
The musical demonstrates the huge importance of the railway system as well and what a large role it played ( and still plays ) in our lives.
They hoped the war would be over by Christmas…..
Written by Helen Newall         and       Original Music by Matt Baker
Featuring actors singers and musicians from across Cheshire
Please see their web site for dates and times- performances are now on across Cheshire

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